Make freight the last thing you worry about.

Together, we go further.

Partnerships made for the long-haul.

Together, we go further.

Your promises are our priority.

Together, we go further.

Let’s go further together

We believe in the power
of partnerships.

Partnerships that go beyond providing hands-on service, creating innovative solutions and being available around the clock. True partnerships that are all-in, that take the time to listen, engage and truly understand you and your business. We work together with you to align purpose, attitude, strengths and vision to create a seamless experience that you can rely on. Ensuring that we become more than a supplier, but a trusted extension of your business.

Services that take you further

Preferred Partner

Not just a supplier, a trusted
extension of your business.

Trusted partnerships are built on respect and empathy. We understand that your business needs innovative solutions that simply get the job done. Which is why we deliver forward-thinking, responsive and reliable distribution solutions, that are consistently adaptable and relevant to your business needs.

Why Sunrise Logistics

Collaborative Partnership

A highly personal and
collaborative approach across
the value chain that delivers
more flexible, proactive
and relevant customer-focused

Quality Infrastructure

Range and quality of
infrastructure support
with the capacity to meet
dynamic distribution needs.

Constant Innovation

Ongoing investment in technology,
systems and communications
innovation in order to answer
and simplify solutions to
ever-changing business needs.


Provide a level of seamless
and consistent service across
the board, that goes
above and beyond to deliver
on promises.

A legacy of partnership

For the 28 years we have been
driven by passionate attention to client
services and partnership.

Let us journey with you.

In 1993, Sunrise Express started on its journey. From the very beginning, we knew that creating meaningful partnerships that benefited all had to be part of our ethos. Our founder wouldn’t have it any other way. Nothing has changed. Our passionate commitment to customer service is what sets us apart. We are driven to get the job done, and get it done well, no matter what that entails.

While this level of partnership is instinctual to us, delivering on it is not as straight forward as it sounds.
Here’s what true partnership means to us:

  • We build total trust and respect through honesty and accountability.
  • We go beyond the immediate needs of the job and work to understand our clients’ business Imperatives, Strategy and Tactical needs
  • We simply get the job done, allowing clients to focus on growing their business.
  • A solution is never more than 3 touch points away.
  • When your freight is in our hands, that’s when you can stop worrying.
  • When we commit, we’re in it 100%, 24/7.
  • We believe in communication – keeping you in the loop at all times.

Not just a supplier, a trusted
extension of your business.

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